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SH Legacy – Sale 

Stunning New Import! Starting her U.S. Horse Show career in the Hunters! Reserve Champion – 2’6″ First Year Hunter, her very first show at WEF!  Reserve Champion – 2’9 First Year Hunter,  2nd Show at WEF!  Reserve Champion – 2’9 First Year Hunter,  3rd Show at WEF!

Meant to Be – Sale or Lease

Experienced Child/Adult Hunter!

Kanidas Gideon – Sale or Lease

Itty Bitty Jumpers, Hunters and Equitation, Confidence builder, Easy to ride!

SH Set in Stone  – Sale or Lease

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Large Pony who has all the parts to be a triple threat in the Greens at Pony Finals 2024. Mona is beyond special in every way! She has that winning glow about her, exceptional trot, canter to die for, and beyond brave to  fences! Her enormous stride covers the ground beautifully, and she’s breathtaking to watch go around!


    A Horse For Every Rider; A Rider For Every Horse!