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Amulet – Available

An amazing opportunity to lease one of the most SAINTLY LARGE SHOW PONIES FOR THE  SEASON! Jewel lives up to her name through and through! She is a total gem, and the most forgiving four-legged angel! Not only is she extremely safe, but she is fancy and holds her own in every class she walks into! The judges absolutely adore this pony! 

Farnley Planet  – Available 

2021 HOTY – Children’s Hunter Pony – Walk-Trot to Children’s Pony! Super easy with auto changes!


Farnley Crown Prince – Available

Small Pony Hunter. Available for seasonal lease with a possible extension! This superstar has taken his riders to their first Pony Finals, Devon, and Indoors. ALWAYS IN THE TOP OVER FENCES AT EVERY TOP VENUE!!! If you are looking to win and are a bigger small riding jock THIS IS YOUR GUY!!!

SH Set in Stone – Available

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Large Pony who has all the parts to be a triple threat in the Greens at Pony Finals 2024.Mona is beyond special in every way! She has that winning glow about her, exceptional trot, canter to die for, and beyond brave to  fences! Her enormous stride covers the ground beautifully, and she’s breathtaking to watch go around!

Rockette – Available for Lease 

Super famous Rockette! Great from learning to ride through Children’s
Cross Rails, Walk Trot and Short Stirrup winner!

Renaissance Man – Available

The Perfect first Jumper Pony for any Child or Adult who is ready to move up the ranks! The sweetest, most loving animal on the planet! HONESTLY there is not a cruel bone in this ponies body! He strives to keep his kids safe in the tack, teaching them correctly in the show ring, and WINNING!

Rock ‘Em Sock Em – Available

Flashy and friendly – Walk Trot, Short Stirrup Pony!

Penten’s Icy  – Available 

Qualified for 2023 Pony Finals! Fancy Medium Division Pony with a fantastic jump, excellent trot, and auto lead change!  Short Stirrup to Pony Finals!


Boca’s Instyle  – Available 

Beautiful 3 ring horse! 3’3″ Junior Hunter, Equitation, Child/Adult Hunter and Jumpers!


Captain Crunch – Available 

Absolutely stunning Walk-Trot or Short Stirrup Pony looking for a 6 month/ or year lease with an approved show facility!
Neptune is as fancy as they come! A trot to die for, lovely canter, Auto changes, and amazing personality!

Picturesque Knick Knack-Available 

Small Pony Hunter, Equitation and Medals


Don Johnny  – Available 12/28/2023

Medium Amateur/Owner Jumper and Equitation horse.  Winner in the 1.35M Jumpers!


On The Roan Again  – Available 2/8/24 

Medium Pony Hunter, Walk Trot through Division. Equitation and Medals


Arnaby Bo Sox  – Available 2/29/24 

Pretty trot, great canter and 10+ jump and auto changes ! Comes from a long line of successful winning ponies. Easy enough ride for the Short stirrup/Children’s Pony Hunter!


Posh Girly Girl – Available 3/17/2024

Posh is BACK and ready for her next rider! This SUPER pony is loved by the judges and has has taken kids from Short Stirrup through the division with great ribbons at Pony Finals! Her beautiful trot, auto changes, and amazing canter make it easy to see a distance for all her riders!

Whispering Folklore – Available 3/25/2024

Walk Trot, Short Stirrup Pony!

Cosmic Mist – Available April, 2024

Cosmic Mist is the most amazing top of the line Small pony! The PERFECT first pony through Children’s pony who is offered For Lease. Completely automatic in every way.  Misty will teach your rider the ropes and keep them safe!

Anakin – Available April 10, 2024

The Ultimate Walk Trot through Short Stirrup Pony!

Billy de Prez – Available 6/25/24 

3 ring Packer! Safe enough to win in the Short Stirrup arena! Wins in the Hunter and Eq ring at top venues!


Coco – Available 11/30/24 

THE MOST AMAZING BEEN THERE DONE THAT JUNIOR HUNTER/EQ HORSE! Junior Hunter/Equitation Horse, Super easy and forgiving, and loves to please!


A Horse For Every Rider; A Rider For Every Horse!