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Schimmy  –  Available 

3’3″/3’6″ A/O Champion! National Hunter Derby Horse, 12th overall 2021 Junior Finals, 3rd overall Zone 2, Ariat Medal Finals, NHS Finals! An all around Champion!


Al Capony – Available 

Walk Trot to Short Stirrup. Been there done it,  and ready to teach his next pony rider!


On The Roan Again  – Available 

Medium Pony Hunter, Walk Trot through Division. Equitation and Medals


Roc Paper Scissors – Available 

Winning Child/Adult Hunter, Equitation and Hunter Derbies

Blue LaLa – Available  

Medium Pony, Walk-Trot, Short Stirrup and Children’s Pony Hunter! Three ring pony! Equitation winner!

Farnley Crown Prince – Available for Lease, long and short term

Small Pony Hunter. Available for seasonal lease with a possible extension! This superstar has taken his riders to their first Pony Finals, Devon, and Indoors. ALWAYS IN THE TOP OVER FENCES AT EVERY TOP VENUE!!! If you are looking to win and are a bigger small riding jock THIS IS YOUR GUY!!!

Landius – Available 

Honest, been there done it Modified Child/Adult Hunter! Super easy to ride and a great horse to babysit new riders!

She’s Got Legs – Available 2/1/2023

Lovely mover and Pony Finals veteran High Children’s Jumper, Low Junior Jumper & Equitation

County 7 – Available for Lease 3/11/23

1.35M Jumper

Rock ‘Em Sock Em – Available for Lease 3/30/23

Walk Trot, Short Stirrup Pony

Woodland’s Talulah – Available for Lease 3/30/23

Walk Trot to Medium Pony Hunter

MTM Fashionista – Available for Lease 04/01/23

Low Child/Adult Jumper


Boca’s Instyle  – Available 4/3/2023

Beautiful 3 ring horse! 3’3″ Junior Hunter, Equitation, Child/Adult Hunter and Jumpers!


Damascus Valdez  – Available 4/3/2023

Big beautiful gelding that will all 3 rings!  3’6″ Junior A/O in Hunters and up to 1.35M in Jumpers.  ASPCA Maclay, and Jump Seat Medals along with High Children’s Jumpers!


Farnley Planet  – Available 4/3/2023

2021 HOTY – Children’s Hunter Pony – Walk-Trot to Children’s Pony! Super easy with auto changes!


Farnley Rock Around – Available for Lease 4/4/23

Medium Green Pony Hunter that’s already qualified for 2022 Pony Finals! Fantastic flat work!

Sky High’s Mac Daddy – Available for Lease 4/17/23

Mac is back and ready to go into the 2′ – 3′ Hunter, Equitation and Derby Horse!  Steady Eddy great guy!  Impeccable manners on and off the horse!

Girl Crush – Available for Lease 6/20/23

The BEST teacher from W/T through first Medium Division Pony

Posh Girly Girl – Available 6/28/22

Lovely mover and Pony Finals veteran

Daytona Semilly – Available for Lease 7/1/23

Fabulous 1.30M Jumper

Rockette – Available for Lease 9/1/23

Super famous Rockette! Great from learning to ride through Children’s
Cross Rails, Walk Trot and Short Stirrup winner!

Orchard Hills Decoupage – Available for Lease 11/1/23

Large Pony Hunter, Equitation and Medals


Spot On – Available for Lease 11/17/23

Large Pony Hunter


Picturesque Knick Knack  – Available 12/3/2023

Small Pony Hunter, Equitation and Medals


Don Johnny  – Available 12/28/2023

Medium Amateur/Owner Jumper and Equitation horse.  Winner in the 1.35M Jumpers!


A Horse For Every Rider; A Rider For Every Horse!