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Renaissance Man

Welsh Pony
14.1 1/2 H
Sire: Fourways Calico
Dam:Lascaux Echo
USEF#: 5460936

  • The perfect 1st Jumper Pony for any Child or Adult who is ready to move up the ranks!
  • The sweetest, most loving animal on the planet! HONESTLY there is not a cruel bone in this ponies body!
  • He strives to keep his kids safe in the tack, teaching them correctly in the show ring, and WINNING! 
  • Remy is perfect in every way possible – built super up hill, which really helps keep the rider in the pocket, like a little Eq Horse and always sees the perfect distance!
  • Very balanced gaits, rhythmical way of going and his “seeing eye dog” ways help beginners get around a course!
  • Remy is perfect for any rider getting their feet wet in the jumpers and need a best friend to guide them!
  • Brilliant… and has a reference list that stands behind him!!
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A Horse For Every Rider; A Rider For Every Horse!