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Mojito TW

USEF# 5820005

  • The perfect Jumper to take a rider up the ranks while giving loads of confidence and guidance while winning!
  • Mojito has a winning European Record in the 1.35-1.40 and solid winning rounds in the Modified Adults during WEF 2023 and ribbons in the High Adult Classics during WEF 2023
  • Multiple wins in 1.15-1.20 classes through the year with different riders
  • Spicy but straight forward to ride and always wants to win in the show ring!
  • She is fast and catty and careful but will also take one for the team and bail her and her rider out of a sticky situation; and most likely leave the jump up!
  • Very kind in the barn
  • Not Mare-ish at all
  • Loves to trail ride
  • Super addition to any barn!


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