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Bonfire Heart


Sire: Baltik Sitte
USEF#: 5682037


  • Super confidence building, three ring horse!
  • Bonfire has taken his rider from a timid 2′ Hunter rider to a confident and competitive 3′ rider in every ring!
  • He is sadly out grown, and in search for a new rider to teach!
  • This adorable, eager to please horse, is  naturally balanced, and always jumps!
  • A barn favorite
  • Beyond forgiving, and is the best horse for a rider that is looking for confidence in the tack!
  • He’s a no prep, no spook, push ride kind of guy!
  • Super easy changes and smooth jump allow riders to grow quickly in the ring, and move up the levels!
  • His happy place is 3ft/under, but has tons of scope to happily get his rider out of any spot.
  • He’s also taught some adults how to canter for the first time and is VERY husband /beginner safe to trail ride!


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