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We highly recommend Sky High Equestrian Center, LLC when shopping for a horse. Samantha is the consummate professional and horsewoman, and she ensures that the entire process goes quickly and smoothly. She represents the horses she has extremely well, demonstrating the trifecta of honesty, integrity, and care. In regards to the horse we bought, we couldn't be happier! We would absolutely look to Samantha, again, for future purchases.

 -Kelly S.

I purchased a pony from Samantha less than a week ago for one of my ten year old riders. We bought the pony just from the video and he was everything she said he would be and more! We just did our first show with him and he was champion. Samantha was great in the whole progress of the sale and was very up front about everything regarding the pony. She's very knowledgeable, patient (with all my questions) and very honest. Definitely will be buying more horses/ponies from her in the future! Absolutely recommend Sky High!

-Megan L.

A message from my daughter "Hey everyone I just wanted to share my experience with Sky High Equestrian Center since I was asked to review their service! They were honestly so amazing even with just planning to try out horses. It was raining a lot so they scheduled for us to meet at a nice indoor ring to ride in which was very considerate. When I got there, they offered to tack up the horses and have someone ride them before me. While trying out the horses, they let me do whatever I want while talking to my mother about the history of the horse and everything about them.

They really listened to me and helped me in any way they could. They honestly had some very very amazing horses and it was hard to choose the one I wanted. I decided to pick the green, 7-year old palomino named Bruce who could free jump the moon but was very inexperienced with someone on his back. Let me tell you, I wouldn't pick any other horse in the world over him. I really owe them for giving me the horse I needed even if I didn't come in thinking I would want a green horse. They are so great and if you live in the Louisiana area, I would DEFINITELY recommend them

-Amy P.

I looked for the perfect horse, at 65, it was a little challenging, but Samantha and I were in contact for several months, and I now have Zelda. My perfect horse, she's patient and kind, and serves our family needs I ride 2 little, my daughters are back riding after a long break and my 6 year old grand daughter now rides her. She is the perfect horse. Thank you Samantha.

-Marcia L.

Samantha helped me sell a horse back in May. She already had 4 people interested in a trial ride by the day I dropped him off. Within a week at her place, he was out on a trial and in less than two he was sold for a good price. She took great care of him and kept me updated the entire time. She is very honest and works hard to move horses through the market. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Her list of contacts is extensive and wonderful when you are looking to sell or buy. Will definitely keep in touch with her for purchase of my next horse and recommend her to anybody looking to buy/sell!

 -Gena S.

We leased a pony from Samantha for our daughter. We searched high and low for a perfect horse to help her learn to canter and start jumping. Gracie was the perfect pony for the job. I have had some very bad horse buying experiences in the past and Samantha is very organized ensuring all paperwork and contracts are completed and sent to each party. She's a great contact to have as always has a diverse group of horses moving through her barn.

-Michelle D.


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