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Sold Horses


Bold Rendition (George)

Sire: Cabalito
Dam:  Tigerlily
16.2 H
USEF# 5264584


  • Super Versatile and Aims to Please!
  • Loads of Scope, With a CAN DO ATTITUDE
  • Successful miles in the Big Eq Classes
  • Taken riders from the children’s up through the 1.15M Jumpers with
    scope to move up the ranks
  • Great brain and Not nervous at new places
  • No spook or peeking at new jumps
  • Great ground Manners and very sweet natured


Tina Turner

8 year old
Welsh Pony Cross
10 1/2 Hands

  • Perfect Size for EVERY KIDDO TO LEARN ON!!

  • Tina has Done it all from competitive western riding to showing in the English ring!

  • Tina is every child’s DREAM PONY!

  • Loves Children!

  • No Spook or Naughtiness

  • Shown in WT polls and X-Rails, And 4H classes

  • Can role, track calf's, sort, and trail ride easily without any

  • Loves to be groomed and bathed


No Nothing Michelle (Cupcake)

Un-Raced Thoroughbred
16.3 1/2 H and still growing

  • Auto Lead Changes
  • Very Brave in and out of arena.... BEST MIND!
  • One owner besides breeder
  • Have taken over several jumps and has great form and seems to LOVE IT!!
  • Clean legs!
  • Huge and still growing



DOB: 6 year old
12.1 H 
Welsh Cross Pony 

  • Very good self motor for the little kiddos
  • Goes English and western. 
  • No spook buck or rear. 
  • Loves to ride inside and outside the arena 
  • Fabulous for grooming and handling



Belgian Warmblood
Bay Gelding
Sire: Kashmir
USEF# 5404936

Video   Video    Video    Video    Video

  • Hunter Derbies

  • Equitation Champion

  • Child/Adult Jumper

  • 3' - 3'3" Horse


  • Shown and placed successfully in the ASPCA 3’6 Maclay Medal

  • WON Brave Horse, The Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic

  • Can do the Children’s Blindfolded



Gail Semilly (Frenchy)

Bay  Mare
16 1/2 H
Sire: Flamendo de Semilly
Dam: Via Thia
Microchip: 528210002727784
USEF: 5497482

  • Big Beautiful mare imported in 2018 from The Netherlands for a young rider competing in the low meters.

  • Successfully competing and winning overseas in the 1.25m

  • Best Personality- Very affectionate.

  • Super Smart and willing with loads of potential -EASY RIDE

  • No spook, Stop or naughty behavior



My Lord (Tressor)

Belgian Warmblood
USEF# 5387815


  • Very impressive show record - a winner in large Low Children's Jumper or Children's Jumper field of horses!

  • This horse has shown and done well not only in the Jumper ring BUT swaps over to the Equitation and Hunter ring with Ease!

  • Super Soft and Adjustable 

  • Fabulous Jump and Step

  • Great Trot and easy ride

  • Takes a joke and loves his job!

  • Ready to take you FAR IN ANY RING YOU CHOOSE!!



Baby B Gone

Foaled: 2/4/16
15.3 1/2 - will mature to 16H
Grey, Thoroughbred Mare
Jockey Club#: 1517888



Valco de Jochri

DOB: 2005
Belgian Warmblood
Bay Gelding
Sire: Ogano Sitte
Dam: Narcisse du Maquis
Microchip#: 250259700314541



  • He is quick, competitive, and always wants to do his job

  • Never says no and has no spook

  • He has experience at top venues such as Wellington, Harrisburg, and more

  • Valco has consistently placed in the Medium A/O division and has earned top ribbons including team gold in the 1.30/1.35 Zone Jumper Championships in Summer 2018!

  • Perfect step up horse for the Jr/AO Division or for someone wanting to be more competitive


Winter Eclipse (Ellie)

DOB: 5/1/2004
16 H
Holsteiner Grey Mare
Sire: Winter Chill
USEF# 5041695

  • Super sweet personality
  • Careful jumper
  • Very adjustable auto changes
  • Loves to hack out of the arena with company or alone
  • Perfect All-around horse for dressage and low level jumpers or Hunters under 2’9 is
    where she is best suited




15.2 1/2 H Stout
Grey Thoroughbred OTTB


Horse Profile


  • Super Calm - Best brain ever!
  • Hacks out, walks, trots and canters calmly in the fields
  • Great riding alone or in a group
  • This beautiful boy won't last long!



Drawback (Toby)

Foaled: 2008
Chestnut, Thoroughbred Gelding
USEF# 5316510

  • A great horse for all levels of competition! Shown in Pre-Beginner Hunter up to 3'

  • Great brain and loves to please his rider!

  • Shown successfully in Hunters, but could easily show in the jumpers!



7 Year Old
Quarter Pony Cross
14.1H STOUT!! 

  • Lemony has a heart of gold and is looking for a farm/ family to lease her for the year!
  • She jumps around a solid 2’3/2'6" course, has changes and is very brave and quiet in and outside of the arena. Loves the trails as well.
  • She isn’t Marish and listens very well to voice commands as well when riding.
  • She’s priced very reasonable for a year lease with hope that she gets awesome miles under her belt for her current family:)
  • Would be a great situation for a good riding kid on a budget looking for a nice pony for show season and summer fun!
  • She won’t last long!


Liberty Belle M

DOB: 3/10/2006
Hanoverian Chestnut Mare
15.3 3/4 H
Sire: Liberty Gold
Dam: Antigone
USEF# 4992678

Video   Video

  • Proven Children's Hunter

  • Gorgeous compact Hunter

  • Sweet, Safe, Forgiving

  • Brave, Handy.....Loads of presence in the ring

  • Lots of miles and many Championships, from Pre-Children thru 3'3" Juniors

  • Has had high ribbons at Junior Hunter Finals

  • Loves to work, auto auto, easy to live with and not Marish!


Vidam de Courcel


DOB: 4/26/2009
Selle Francais
Chestnut Gelding
Sire: Play Boy de Courcel
Dam: Delly Bell
Microchip #: 250259600417291
USEF #: 5538301


  • Perfect Low Jr/AM to Grand Prix Mount ALWAYS JUMPS!

  • This amazing horse who has taught many young riders the ropes and given them the confidence to succeed in the higher meters up to the Grand Prix’s in the Jumper ring!

  • AWESOME low JR/AM through Grand Prix Mount

  • Very sweet

  • EXTREMELY brave 


  • Fantastic Ride!!

  • Has been with the same trainer through two riders



13 year Old
Thoroughbred OTTB
16.1 H


  • Auto Changes- Great All around Gelding

  • Has Dressage and And Hunter Jumper Miles

  • Wonderful ground Manners

  • Great horse for the rider on a budget

  • Four figures


Cecotto's Joker

DOB: 2010
Oldenburg Chestnut Gelding
16 1/4 H
Sire: Cecotto's As
Dam: Lara
USEF# 5346819

  • 3’3-3’6 Junior Hunter.  
  • Finished 2nd in Zone Standings 2018 in 3’3 large juniors
  • Winning ribbons at West Coast Junior Hunter Finals
  • Reserve Champion at Pin Oak and many other placings in Denver, Tyler, Katy, and San Diego. 
  • Great over fences and will absolutely jump anything.  
  • Will not stop, shy, or spook.  
  • Eligible to compete in 3’6 green classes.   
  • Over achiever and has also performed well in Derby competitions
  • Finishing 8th in the handy at the Junior Hunter Finals in San Diego in 2018.  
  • Places well consistently in good company in the hack and over fences!!


Cartwheel Toccata "Taco"

DOB: 2004
Welsh Pony
Grey, Gelding
13 H

  • Changes-Packs WT kids through Division Height

  • Great in and Out of the Arena


  • Has been used in a large show/school program as well!


LF No Chrome Needed "Adele"

DOB: 3/11/2012
Bay Oldenburg Mare
Sire: Apiro
Dam: Mo Chief
USEF# 5265013
  • Super Rhythmical with a great brain
  • Always jumps and Loves to jump!
  • Fantastic personality on the ground and under tack
  • Beautiful trot and great jump
  • Always in the ribbons 
  • Ready to go any direction you choose 


Hits the Spot

Color: GREY 
Sex: G 
Age: 12/4/2011
Breed: KWPN 
Sire: METAL 
Microchip: 528210002639699 
USEF #: 5456904
FEI #: 105JJ35 ( G SPOT AXIOM )

  • Eye catching Gelding WILL GET NOTICED EVERYWHERE!
  • Competed through 1.20 before being Imported in 2017
  • Jumps in great Style
  • Auto everything
  • Gets down the lines easily 
  • Hacks out Alone or great in a group
  • Great on the Ground
  • Very Respectful
  • Nice and Soft through the bridle
  • Has loads of Dressage miles /Rides Nice in a snaffle
  • Has been Showing with his young rider in Both the Hunter and Jumper Ring
  • Easily Could Do the Eq ring as well


Contact -


I B John Brown "Whiskey"

DOB: 2008
RPSI Gelding 
16.2 H Stout

  • The perfect packer for any job! Knees to chin every time! 

  • This horse has shown in every ring and WILL ALWAYS JUMP! 

  • Auto everything- JACK OF ALL TRADES! 

  • Great in and out of the arena 

  • The best personality in the barn! A trainer’s dream to have in the around. 

  • Perfect horse for the family looking to enjoy, learn, and love on


Candela 66

DOB: 6/7/2009
Holsteiner Grey Mare
Sire: C-Trenton Z
Dam: Halla VII
USEF# 5549286

Video   Video

  • Big, beautiful mare

  • Perfect Amateur mount

  • Always catches everyone's attention

  • Super successful in Germany up to 1.35M with an amateur adult

  • Incredible technique, with quick front legs and a lovely finish

  • Bred for success, and would make an incredible broodmare at some point

  • Beautiful gates and brave to the fences

  • Wonderful long and lofty gates, yet very adjustable


Holy Wave



15.3 H

Grey Filly

  • Super Laid Back with THE BEST BRAIN!

  • Huge Step, Floaty Trot

  • This mare will make a lovely Small Jr!!!!!

  • Amateur/Jr Friendly for any Discipline

  • Super super brave and VERY WILLING


  • Great in the cross-ties, trailers, clips -Doesn’t mind children or Dogs or Mini ponies

  • Fabulous good looking mare to add to your string of young prospect horses!!!




DOB: 2/29/2008 Gelding 
Registered American Paint Horse - Quarter Horse Cross

15.3 H 


  • Super big bodied with an amazing jump, lead change and steady nice big step!

  • Has show miles in the local Hunter ring 

  • Great trot, easy transition

  • PRICED TO SELL- HIGH 4 Figures



DOB: 10/4/2011
Oldenburg Liver Chestnut Gelding
16.2 3/4 H
Sire: Detroit
Dam: Akazie
USEF# 5498988
FEI# 105QW04


  • Imported for an adult amateur in mind to be an easy 1.10/1.20M horse

  • Nice big step and goes down the lines easily

  • Wonderful brave mind and easy to work with

  • Competed in Germany successfully in eventing and show jumping up to 1.25M and qualified for the young horse German Championships twice in both

  • Great horse for someone who loves every aspect of the sport and wants a brave young horse to bring up the levels


Ulla Blue

DOB: 2001
Dutch Warmblood
Sire: Hors la Lol III
Dam: Oasis Blue
USEF# 4981107


  • Fabulous first jumper for any ambitious rider to move up the levels!

  • This mare has done it all successfully and taken her rider from the low meters up to the 1.30M's.



Lil Bay Corvette

Foaled: March 18, 2015 in FL

16H Stout

Sire: Overdriven (USA)

Dam: Paisley Park (USA) 



  • Beautiful Trot for the Hunter ring

  • Nice lofty soft canter

  • Easy on the eye

  • Peaceful easy temperament

  • Ready to go any direction



DOB: 2012
Dark Brown Westphalian Gelding
USEF# 5422778


  • Easy to ride

  • Scopey

  • Beautiful Gaits.....the most lovely trot!

  • Showing 3’ and Modified with Amateur Owner, great step, could easily move up to 3’6”

Contact -



DOB: 2012
14.3 1/2H
Quarter Horse Mare




DOB: 8 Year old
Stout Irish WB gelding


  • Has had one owner since breeder

  • Super easy simple ride. Stick and spur but has own motor once going. Auto everything and can take a joke! THIS HORSE WILL PACK! Great jump! Fabulous personality!

  • Perfect 3’ horse! Owned currently by an older adult amateur

Contact -



16.H and STOUT
Hanoverian Bay Mare
Sired by Quidam’s Rubin
USEF #: 5228225


  • Extremely good minded mare! 

  • Has shown up to 1.40m but really the perfect confidence horse to take a rider from 2’3-3ft. 

  • Super sweet easy going and great work ethic. 

  • Quiet, enough for the hunter ring as well. 

  • Pick her up today! Low/mid fives for a HOLIDAY SALE!!

Contact -


One Word

OTTB Dark Bay Gelding

  • Amateur Friendly
  • Super lovely gelding with a fabulous mind
  • One Word has currently been in a professional dressage and eventing program and ridden daily by 12year old rider.
  • Quiet, Safe, and super easy to get along with
  • Has shown in local Hunter Jumper shows as well and done well!
  • Priced to sell Low 5figures
  • Accomplishments/Strengths
      - 2015 - 8th place finish at American Eventing Championships Beginner Novice
      - Dressage scores in low 20s
      - Schooling 2nd level dressage
      - Earned rider 1st level scores towards bronze medal
      - Ample novice cross-country experience
      - Excellent temperament suitable for amateur/teen rider




Bay Gelding
Sire: Aramis
Dam: Kenya
USEF # 5440724



2008 Model
16.3 H


  • Big beautiful, Athletic mare!

  • Auto everything and STOUT!! she has been a young teens mount and who has stepped up. Shown in the hunter ring but could easily cross over into the jumper ring as well.


RF Lola

13 year old RPSI Mare

  • Beautiful mare WITH TONS OF CHROME!

  • Lola is Competitive in multiple disciplines with show experience in dressage, hunter, jumper and the equitation ring. This mare always catches all the attention anywhere you take her!

  • Great confidence builder for a junior or amateur. She had very comfortable gaits and SOLID MIND! Super easy on the back over fences and to sit the trot!

  • Lola has had 2 first premium foals with great personalities, beautiful markings and have been very competitive in multiple disciplines.


RF Marilynn

12 year-old Rhineland Warmblood Mare
USEF #4924819

  • Great horse for a kid moving out of ponies or an adult who needs a consistent hunter. Currently showing in Adult Hunters, Adult Equitation. Total confidence/pack ride. Very easy and rhythmical. Has shown in national derbies as well as 1.05m Jumpers. She is Eligible for Second year Green 3-3'3 Divisions.

  • Marilynn is Safe and uncomplicated And Competitive in all 3 rings.

  • She is a joy in the barn and is always in the top ribbons everywhere she goes!!



2005 Model
Grey WB Mare
Breeding: (Quite Capito/Lanlord Z/Lucky Boy XX)

  • Shown here with Taylor Manning during week two of the Great Southwest showdown competing in the 1.25 Classic

  • No prep - Easy - FANTASTIC AT THE SHOW!

  • Rides in a happy mouth, rides peacefully like a hunter at home and in warm up. Not overly bloody in show ring- just enough to get job done. Perfect for someone wanting to get their feet went in the jumper ring!!

  • This is an easy mare ready for her next person!


Birthday Suit “Sunny”

QH X WB Palomino Gelding
14.1 1/2 H

  • Fabulous large pony with very smooth gaits, level headed and light to the aids. He is trained through 1st level Dressage working on 2nd level. He loves to jump as well and has a beautiful lofty trot and big stride to get down the lines.

  • This pony could go so many directions!!

  •  Brave enough, forward enough, with loads of talent to be an event or dressage pony for a young rider or small adult- Yet quiet enough for a smaller child to go into the Hunter ring and do well!

  • Sunny has a great mind and is ready to join your team! Snatch him up today while he is priced to sell!


Handsome Charlie


9yr old
Paint horse Gelding

  • If your ready to hit the trails this fall THIS IS YOUR BOY! 

  • Charlie is fabulous out on the trails, camping, ranch work, and loves attention.

  • He has been used in a lesson program as well. He has no problem jumping little courses but loves the outdoor adventures trail life!



6 year old
Black Holsteiner Gelding
16.3 H
USEF: 5469466

  • Riverdale has successfully done it all with top ribbons, championships, and qualifying rides in the Jr. Hunters, Equitation Ring, and Hunter Derbies.

  • River is a beautiful mover, and always top 3 in the hack IN ALL company. He always jumps and is super comfortable for every type rider!

  • River has a lovely big stride, beautiful change, and is very adjustable.

  • This beautiful horse has been shown and ridden by a 13 Yr old coming off a pony while kept in a professional program. He truly is the perfect mount for anyone looking to step up and WIN!!

  • River is absolutely wonderful to have in the barn and adores attention!

  • Qualified for Jr. Hunter Finals 2018, 3’3”

  • Equation Champion 14-17 GLEF Week 2 2018

  • Top THIS Ribbons all year

  • Top Eq Ribbons all year

  • Top Children's and Jr. Hunter ribbons all year


Divided We Fall “Jessie”

9 year old
15.1 hand Buckskin AQHA Gelding

  • Jessie was purchased here at Sky High and has been loved by his little girl and her family for the last 4 years. Now that his rider is stepping up HE IS BACK ON THE MARKET!!

  • Jessie has fun doing it all, from swimming in the pond, to afternoons on the cross country course. Jessie has experience in all situations and riding disciplines. Jessie has very good ground manners and has been handled and trained by his young girl on the Pessoa Rig lunging system and ground driving. Jessie handles learning new skills with an easy going, calm manner.

  • Jessie has successfully shown from Short Stirrup and moved up to “A” Shows where they competed in the 3ft Children’s Hunters, the 3ft Taylor Harris Medal, and the National Hunter Derby!!!

  • This year Jessie has also branched out to dressage lessons and local dressage competitions, he has learned a lot in his dressage lessons and the judges seem to really like him, scoring him very well with several wins already.

  • Jessie is suitable for all levels of riders, he has also taught riders WTC and learning to jump. Jessie loads and travels well to shows, ties to the horse trailer, and body clips easily.

  • This amazing boy is going to make someone VERY HAPPY!



Bay Warmblood Gelding
16.2 H and Big Bodied
USEF: 5337544

  • Big Beautiful WB gelding - Great mind and easy going. Just came off lease in time for show season AND IS PRICED TO SELL!

  • A B has done it all. He’s quiet minded, has a nice soft mouth and easy to ride and jump. He gets down the lines nice and super adjustable. He doesn’t care where you land or take off he’s always right under you nice and relaxed.

  • Great in and out of the arena too!

  • This horse won’t last long!



16.1 1/2H
Breeding: Calico (Cassini I) out of a Quidam's Rubin mare
USEF: 5471299



  • This guy jumps anything with style and scope. He’s brave, classy, and extremely honest. Nice trot and great out of the arena as well. No vices or issues. Super auto and ready to take your rider or your self from children’s through the 3’6.

  • Simple and straight forward.

  • Mid/High 5 figures. WILL NOT LAST LONG!


Silver Lining

11 year-old
Dutch Warmblood Gelding

  • Simple and Straightforward

  • Bodie has show miles in all three rings, did hunters & jumpers with previous owner and has taken current owner from Crossrails to 2'6 hunters and Eq. Trainer has schooled up to 3'6 while owner was actively showing.

  • He has also been packing around adults and children in the lesson program this past year. Bodie is very brave, is a good mover, has a smooth jump and an easy lead change. He is a sweetheart of a horse, easy keeper, clips, loads, and is quiet on crossties. Owner has lost interest.

  • MID/LOW 5 Figures


Mimosa Morning

5 year old
17 hand Gelding

  • Super nice horse ready to be your NEXT SUPER STAR!

  • This gelding has had nothing but the best during his riding career under tack and on the ground! He has been in a full training program since January 2018 with top successful riders in a very good program. Mimosa has had a very positive start in the Hunters and Jumpers placing well every time he enters the ring! He has successfully started his show career and catches people’s attention at every show.

  • Mimosa is super easy to have around the barn as well, he loads easy in the trailer, walks on treadmill, brave to new jumps, has auto natural lead changes, and is always very confident and a well balanced horse. This horse has Tons of scope and stride to achieve success as an upper level show jumper! He has a great brain and learns new skills easily and willingly.

  • HE IS A STEAL AT THIS PRICE POINT!! Buy him today!


That's My Wish

11 year old
16.3H Gelding
USEF: 5181123


  • Has done it all from lessons to the 3’3 Juniors. Simple, strait forward and EASY. AUTO AUTO 

  • Priced to sell IN A VERY AFFORDABLE LOW/MID 5figures budget

SS Carino

Imported 2004
Holsteiner Gelding 16H
Sire -  Caretino
Dam - Douglas

  • Great gelding to have in your barn. No vices. Carentino has done it all from Grand Prix to International Derbies to Amateur Adult Hunters Very well trained and fun to ride.

  • Careful horse that does not take rails. Has placed in both the hunter and jumper rings successfully. He has recently been shown in 3’3-3’6 performance hunters and adult medals.



Hanoverian Gelding
USEF: 5460906
Sire: Satisfaction I
Dam: Escaparde

  • Auto and easy- Very smooth with natural Cadence to the fences and on the flat. Super adjustable with tones of scope and the best brain. Lovely jump and trot always an eye catcher everywhere he goes! Showed recently this year Green Hunter (3-3’3) plenty of scope and step for much more. Schooling higher at home.

  • A blast to ride. Not complicated - Really simple and straight forward. Priced RIGHT and ready to sell!


SF Rumba

6 year old
16.2H Hanoverian Mare
Sire -  Rubignon
Dam -  Feiner Stern

  • Her sire is an elite Hanoverian stallion and her damn is an elite Hanoverian mare.

  • Super easy ride, very adjustable and honest. This mare is brave, smooth, very good minded, easy going, and reliable. She is ready to find her next partner for the show ring!

  • Rumba will make a rider a nice 3ft horse or even a dressage mount.


Smart Duals Boon "Molly"


14.2 H STOUT!!



  • Will make any family or program happy!

  • No vices or bad habits! Has worked on the farm and taught many many clinics and lessons at TC RACH HORSEMANSHIP!!

  • This mare is all about pleasing and doing any job you ask. From riding bridle less, working cows, jumps, trail rides anywhere you point her nose (crosses ditches, streams, up hills etc) will pack any level rider and bred very well!!



9yr old


  • She does it all from trails, ranch work, jumping, and trail riding. She has taught many people at TC Ranch Horsemanship and now it’s time for her to find her own family! Hanna is very patient and kind! Check her out today!!



Handsome Moonshine "Champ"

16.2 H
Registered Appaloosa Gelding

  • Great for any lesson program or any rider on a budget wanting to jump and enjoy a nice solid comfortable horse! He goes western as well.

  • Champ rides on the buckle or collects nicely. He has a wonderful personality in the barn and under tack!



Easy Street

USEF #: 5211818
Dutch WB Gelding
Sire - Parcival
Dam - Ay Caramba

  • Super uncomplicated young horse! Ready to campaign YOUR WAY!! Was Champion at his first horse show for the full 2weeks!

  • Tons of scope and eager to please!




Grey Holsteiner Gelding
USEF # 5419576
Sire : Calido
Dam : Constant

  • Jumper/ Equitation

  • Cobalito is a big and solid gorgeous 8 y/o grey Holsteiner (Calido/Constant) gelding ready to step into the Jumper and Equitation rings. Forward thinking and brave to the fences with a solid lead change.

  • Careful and scopey with a long stride and great flat work. He is currently competing in the 1.10m/1.15m with plenty of ability to move higher. Great horse to have around. Easy to deal with and fun to ride.


Lady Olivia

16.2H Mare
Canadian Sport Horse

  • Cole Black PACKER! Extremely level headed and easy to work with!

  • Olivia is an Excellent first horse and has taken her owner from the Short Stirrup through Children's Hunters. Easy auto lead change, quiet jump, push ride, always sees the distances and gets down the lines just fine. This mare TAKES A JOKE and has a great personality.

  • Priced to sell to a great home in the Low to Mid 5 figures


Lucky Star

14.1H Cards at 13.3 1/2H
Welsh Cross
USEF #: 5168785

  • This amazing pony is now officially on the market. Besides having the looks and the personality he has shown in many qualifying horse shows and been the winner.

  • Lucky was RESERVE CHAMPION AT DEVON and champion of 2016 zone Finals. He would be a star in the pony medals and the pony derbies. Although he is pretty enough that he could also show in the hunters as well. He is a favorite in the barn and very easy to deal with on all levels. Lucky is the whole package and would make a fabulous step up pony for the ambitious young rider!


Dark Fire










16.2 H Gelding
Dutch WB Angola Breed
Percheron TB Angola Bred

  • Six has had a wonderful education and a fabulous personality. He has been successfully eventing BN, and showing 2nd level dressage and schooling 3rd.

  • Six Has also been shown in the hunter Jumper ring with his owner low hunter, with other riders novice and limit, and always places in top three. He easily Jumps 3’6” comfortably.

  • Six has also previously fox hunted at independence Fox Hunt in Brenham, long Acre Hunt in Conroe in first field and easy can hunt in a snaffle and spurs.

  • His first three months after Angola he had Natural Horseman Dan Keen and learned to have the best ground manners. This horse is going to make a JR or adult very very happy. He’s fun in the tack and on the ground:)


Mr. Wonderful

17.1H Gelding
Canadian Warmblood
Sire - Three Cups Point and Fire
Dam - Life's A Breeze

  • THIS BIG, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL GELDING has shown successfully in both Canada and the US in the Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage rings. With his beautiful easy to ride movement he always places well and the judges love him! This big guy is a very gentle fellow. He’s quiet and very comfortable. He is a stick and spur ride but does have his own self motor once going.

  • Mr. Wonderful is brave to his fences, has auto changes, and will make a lovely dressage horse or a fabulous 3’3-3’6 equitation or hunter! Very suitable for an adult amateur or a tall junior rider. He is uncomplicated and has a very lovable temperament.



Churchill “Winston”

10 year old
16.2 H
WB cross gelding 
USEA: 174183

  • Escapade X TB

  • Sells with clean X-rays

  • Winston has competed successfully in children’s jumpers, novice eventing, along with some hunters. He is very brave and honest to the fences and really enjoys jumping! Do to no fault of his own his owner does not have the time to continue his career and is putting him up for sale. Her loss is your gain!

  • He is price to sell in the 4 figures!



16.2H Gelding
Imported Oldenburg
USEF #: 5363091
Sire: Landius
Dam: Bonny Bianko

  • Big pretty Imported gelding ready for a new show partner just in time for the new year! Landios has successfully been competing at local and rated shows with his young teen and trainer for the last 3 years in the low hunters. He always walks out in the top ribbons. His last show at the end of November he was champion. He is eligible 1st year green and ready for someone to continue his showing career.

  • He’s a nice 3ft horse with tons of scope !!

  • His teen has moved up and Landios is looking for his next partner.



16H Big Bodied Gelding
Branded/ Papered Belgium WB
USEF #: 5261754

  • Romey is an easy going, good minded, Gelding ready for an owner who will bring out his full potential in the show ring!

  • Romey has been to several shows, schooling and rated and places well! At his first schooling show last spring he won everything. (20 in each class) He has lead changes and is scopey and very rideable. Romey’s Trainer believes he could easily be a lovely 3'3 horse once finished. He’s easy enough for a good riding JR under a trainer in a program.

  • This is a really nice gelding that LOVES to jump with a lovely trot and an in your pocket personality. Pick him up today while you can or watch him beat you later on in the show ring!


Berry Good

10yr old ( 4/20/2007)
13.1 3/4h Bay Roan gelding (cards at)
USEF #5361610

  • Some of Berry's recent accomplishments include:

  • USHJA 2016 Horse of the Year Reserve Champion Medium Green Pony Hunter

  • USHJA Zone 7 Champion Medium Green Pony Hunter

  • USEF Pony Finals 10th Overall Green Ponies 10 and under 



Simply Madelyn “Maddie”

6 year old
16H Mare



  • Due to being to slow Maddie only raced 6 times. She was started in dressage training by her young owner in 2015 and began showing in 2016.

  • She has been showing in intro A and B and is ready for training level (placing in the 70s). Her owner has also taken her to several Hunter Jumper shows and Maddie was always in the ribbons!

  • Maddie has lovely gaits for the dressage ring and handy and easy enough for a Jr moving up in the H/J rings. She would also make a fabulous event horse! She's BRAVE, HONEST, and TAKES A JOKE!

  • This is a nice horse in an affordable high four figure budget to pick up for the holidays.


Belle of the Ball

8 yr old Mare
13.2 H STOUT
AQHA: Paloma by Choice
Pedegree: Instant Cuttin Cat x Miss n cash 

  • Belle is one of the sweetest ponies. Easy to handle for children and adults on the ground and under tack. She has very smooth gaits and auto lead changes. This pony has no stop in her and will jump anything. The last year she has been doing cross rails and short stirrup with her little girl. Belle is one of the sweetest girls you will find. Great pony for a child to learn on and enjoy. She rides western and bareback as well. She has been to rated and local shows. Belle is best suited for entry level hunter jumper up to children's. She would do great in a lesson program as well.

  • She's a great pony and is priced to sell!


CR Cheers

5yr old (4/20/2012)
15.3 1/2 H
Zweibrücker Mare
Pedigree: Epsom Gesmeray (by Jalisco B ) X Campesino


  • Very motivated to sell!

  • Cheers is easy and sweet to ride, junior and amateur friendly, and would be perfect for a kid coming off of a pony in a program. She loves to please and make her rider happy! Would make a super children's hunter and has potential to be a small junior! 10+ mover with a beautiful jump. This mare has a fabulous mind and a heart of gold! SNATCH her up fast she won't last long!

  • Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana

  • (INFORMATION ON Cheer's sire :Espom Gesmeray (by Jalisco B )who was imported from Mexico to Germany by Paul Schockemoehle, due to his impressive performance record. He won the Young Horse World Championships in Lanaken and has gone to win several Grand Prix’s. In 2003 he was fourth in the Ladies German Championships. He has also competed with the Korean team at the Olympic Games.)



16.3H Holsteiner Gelding
USEF: 5113793
Sire: Chaleon
Dam: West Hyacinth

  • Great packer from 2ft to 2'9. Super simple ride and very automatic. Mojo is a very nice, big bodied gelding! He is quiet minded and will jump anything!

  • Perfect for the rider looking to bring home the ribbons in the Hunter ring on the local or rated circuit. He is a total point and shoot ride. He was shown in the modified by his older adult owner last year and unfortunately do to health issues she's forced to sell him. He is eligible green and ready for his next rider !!!


Black Diamond “Nikki”

2004 Welsh Cross
14.2 H with Shoes
USEF: 5021838
Sire – Bristol Last Tango
Dam – Jade Mac Donald

  • Cute as a Button and Super Sweet is the best way to describe Nikki!

  • Nikki has a wonderful personality on the ground and under tack. He has been shown from California to Texas and has done well. Nikki has a flawless auto change that is easy for anyone to ride. Best suited for a short Stirrup rider up.

  • Call today to check out Nikki. This awesome pony will not last long!!



16.3H Imported Hungarian Sport Horse
USEF: 5349627
Sire: Apoleon Timpex ( offspring of Quidam de Revel)
Dam: Kolibri

  • Very nice gelding, imported in 2014. Athos has proven a versatile candidate in both the Hunter and Jumper rings. He is a great mover with a beautiful trot and canter, his naturally long stride makes the Hunter lines a breeze! Always brave to the jumps, with flashy looks and a calm demeanor make him a perfect candidate for the Hunter Derby ring as well.

  • This talented young horse has started his US show career with success at AA shows in both Pre Greens and the 1.0-1.15 jumpers. Athos is very forgiving, always careful, and the judges love him over fences and in the hack.

  • If your looking for a gelding that can not only WIN but has an amazing personality .... THIS IS YOUR GUY!!!


New Dream

Hanoverian Gelding
USEF #5336740
Sire: Newcomer
Dam: ST. Pr Hauptstutbuch Gina

  • Imported 09' Hanoverian Gelding, extensive show miles in the Pre Greens, Children's Hunters, Adult Hunters and National Derbies.

  • Show miles in the jumpers 1.10-1.20.

  • VERY EASY RIDE and automatic lead change.

  • Long stride and walks the lines.

  • Show experience from 3ft hunters with intermediate rider to 1.20 jumpers with a professional.



13 years old
Grey Dutch WB Gelding
USEF: 5041122
Disciplines: Hunter Jumper, Lesson program , Dressage

  • If you're looking for a fun, safe, beginner-friendly jumper, George is your guy! Though he has shown up to 1.20 jumpers, he is a perfect horse to show a novice child or adult rider the ropes in the jumper ring. His previous owner started her jumper career on George, they successfully competed at "AA" shows in the .85 jumpers. He has also taught lunge line and walk/trot lessons in a lesson program.

  • He is very versatile, kid friendly, and not spooky. Terrific ground manners, Trailering, and easy to trail ride or even jump some cross country jumps with. Don't miss out on this really fun gentle giant! Call today!


Northern Lights

14 years old
TB Grey Gelding
Disciplines: Hunter Jumper, Eventing , Dressage
USEF: 5362746

  • If you are looking for a FABULOUS teacher With a super work ethic and attitude THIS IS YOUR HORSE!

  • Skyy has been around the block and taught riders through the 1.10 jumpers he is the perfect child adult jumper mount and knows the ropes when it comes to the show ring! Sky has also competed in the eventing world up to Prelim and was bread by David and Karen O'Connor.

  • He was the 2015 SLHJA low child adult champion, 2015 GCHJA low schooling and child adult champion. Skyy is competitive in schooling and rated shows and has the will to win. He qualified and competed in zone 7 finals this year. Owner has sadly outgrown him and Skyy is looking for his new rider to compete with! DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!

Hez Zipped Up Tight

APHA Overo Gelding
Zipped Up Sensation X Tuf Skipa Party Girl
Registration Association: APHA
Discipline: Western pleasure, HUS, Hunter, Dressage, trail

  • If your looking for a very well bred show prospect, RAY IS YOUR GUY! This lovely boy has the best mind and awesome gaits. Ray was started right! He has perfect side passes, turn on the haunches, awesome stop, lovely jog and lope! He goes both English and western and is all business when in the tack. He has gone to several shows and has always placed well. He is easy enough for an intermediate rider under a trainer and fancy enough for a pro to call their own!

  • He is ready for a rider to take him far!



14 years old
Chestnut Welsh cross Mare
Discipline: Hunter jumper, lessons, trail riding

  • Ally is cute as a button and sweet as pie!

  • This adorable little girl has the looks and a wonderful personality. Ally has been used the last year as a lead line and WT pony. She easily can jump a 2ft-2'3 Course and has changes. Whenever this pony is in the ring she catches everyone's attention! The judges love her and she places well every time! If your looking for an adorable small in time for the holidays ON A BUDGET this is your girl:)



8 years old
Grey Welsh X QH Gelding
Disciplines: Hunter jumper, eventing, lessons, trail riding, western

  • If you are looking for an adorable Christmas pony, look no further!

  • Gilligan is a sweet pony, full of personality! He has been used in an English and western lesson program teaching kids and adults. Gilli is super stout and holds a leg nicely. He jumps a small course and is good out of the arena as well. He has been to local shows and has placed well. Gilligan is the SMOOTHEST pony you will ever sit on. This cutie is ready for a new home for the holidays :)



8 year old
Welsh Pony
Chestnut Mare 
USEF: 5365741
Disciplines: Hunter jumper, dressage, lessons, trail riding

  • Sweet pea is as adorable as they come! She has competed in rated and local shows doing the ponies and the cross rail division with the little kids.

  • She has clean auto lead changes and loves to jump!

  • Sweet pea is easy to deal with in the barn and under tack. She has great manners and loves attention. This is one super adorable small you don't want to miss out on!


Little Lion Heart “Duke”

12 year old
14.0 1/4H
Dun Welsh/German Riding Pony Gelding
USEF: 5199651
Disciplines: Hunter Jumper, Lesson pony, Eventing, Dressage

  • Duke is one of those AMAZING geldings that you want to have in your barn! He is the ultimate teacher and partner in and out of the ring! Duke is always a gentleman and very easy to handle for any age rider. He is the ultimate 2ft-2’6 packer and has very nice lead changes. Duke never looks at a thing and has no spook, buck or rear in him. Duke has taught many kids to ride and has been an amazing confidence builder for all of the riders who have had the pleasure of riding and learning from him! Due to an old injury when Duke was very young he went blind in his left eye. His owners just had it removed last year and put an implant in. This does not affect him in any way at all on the ground, flat or over fences.

  • Duke had a very successful show season last year locally in SHJG and in our GHJA. He finished SHJG year-end Champion in Pleasure Pony, Short Stirrup Equitation and Short Stirrup Hunter and Reserve Champion in Hunter Hack and 11 and under. In all of GHJA he finished 6th in Short Stirrup Hunter.

  • Duke is a very safe, knowledgeable pony ready to take his next kid very far!

  • If you are looking for that perfect gentleman then Duke is your guy!


After the Rain

11 year old
Grey Welsh/TB Mare
Disciplines: Hunter Jumper

  • Cat is a FANCY large pony. She has been extremely successful showing on the local and A circuit and recently did well at Pony Finals this year.

  • Her sire is the famous Blue Rain.

  • Cat has beautiful smooth gaits and auto changes. She is currently ranked 18th in zone 7 for Large Green Pony division. She has brought her young rider successfully with tones of ribbons through short stirrup to pony finals this year in the Large Greens. She is an ideal Children's hunter or division pony. 

  • This pony knows her job very well and is ready to bring all the ribbons home for her next young rider!


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