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My name is Samantha Buncher, Owner of Sky High Equestrian Center. I am here to assist you with selling your lovely horse/pony! In the attached documents it states, the terms, the fees and everything you need to know about how our consignment program works. I advise you to read through carefully, as the contract is a legal bind between you and the stable and the welcome packet ensures we are on the same page with the boarding terms. We are here to sell your horse quickly and professionally! We have horses being hauled in and out on a weekly basis, and clients coming to shop.

The synopsis of our mission is once your horse arrives, we will spend the first week evaluating your horse including the asking price and the ideal price we see fit for a fast sale. I have been placing horses into new homes for over 10 years and my expertise will be a solid factor in moving your horse along. There are a few things we need that are required PRIOR to your horse’s arrival and before the contract gets sent back signed and dated.

I have attached the welcome packet and the contract. The contract is in PDF form and needs to be opened on a computer. All of Sky High’s parts are filled out. You will just need to fill in your info and your horse’s info:


  1. Videos (schooling and showing) - we will see if your horse is a good match for our program at this time - we have limited availability.

    Once you and I agree to pursue the consignment program,

  2. Proof of Vaccinations/Coggins/Medical History/Dental

  3. Lifetime history biography (training exp, showing exp, PPE X-rays, colic history, vices, behavioral issues, supplements, the good the bad and the ugly!)

  4. Blanket, supplements, bits, anything that is personal to the horse


At Sky High Equestrian Center, your horse will be treated as if they are our own so any and all info is necessary for a smooth process. The required documents need to be here as stated PRIOR to your horse's arrival, once everything has been received and reviewed, we than will start marketing your horse.

For the trainers and other clients that have multiple horses needing our services we do offer a "multiple horse" discount while they are here, and we also like to accommodate to those who are repeat clients.

Follow us on Facebook for seasonal specials and horses for sale as we do have a high turnover rate! You don't want to miss out!

I Look Forward to Working with You And You’re Horse!

Please fill out the following forms and send them to Samantha Buncher at -

Consignment Welcome Packet Click Here to Open

Consignment Contract Form Click Here for more information


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