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Consignment Services

It’s time to face the facts: selling your own horse is time-consuming, costly and stressful. Numerous trips to the barn, dealing with “no-shows”, “looky-loos” and folks that just want to ride your horse with NO intention of buying…not to mention the countless phone calls and Facebook comments driving you crazy. How about the “prospective” buyer who finds fault and critiques every part of your horse to drive the price down?

Sky High Equestrian Center offers a full range of services and personalized options to fit your individual needs. In our consignment program, will evaluate your horse and find the best fit for your equine friend. We will advertise your horse on our company website, through numerous social media outlets, daily e-mail solicitations and our weekly newsletter.

Sky High Equestrian Center has been serving the Gulf Coast for over 10 years. Our facility is located in Tomball, Texas. We have satisfied buyers and sellers from across the United States. References are available upon request.

For more information regarding consignment services or if you would like to fill out a consignment packet, call us at (337) 764-3456 or fill out a Contact Us form.

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Our Consignment Packages:

Our consignment package includes:

  • Quality feed, hay, and shavings in our very clean and presentable facility

  • Turn out Daily

  • Sales Prep-Brushing and bathing for potential buyers

  • 3 rides a week

  • Advertising through all of our free social media outlets and our website DAILY and our weekly newsletter

  • Showing the horse and riding it for potential buyers

Additional Services Available:

  • Up to 2 additional rides by our professional rider a week to keep your horse in sales shape

  • Body clipping

  • Quality farrier service

  • Vet care with a Veterinarian who specializes in sports medicine and has portable x-ray and ultrasound machines for pre-purchases

  • Equine Chiropractor

  • Equine Dentist

  • Equine Massage Therapy

  • Additional advertising on fee-based, horse friendly websites


If you have a question about pricing, give us a call at 337-764-3456

We want to see your horse find his/her potential buyer! Let Sky High Equestrian Center do the work of selling your horses for you and watch your profits grow!

How to Reach Us:

To connect with Sky High, call 337.764.3456 or Click Here to send us your name and phone number and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to set up a time to see if we match each others’ needs.


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